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Kintamani tour - full day (8 hours)
This is one of the most popular excursions on the island of Bali and is considered a " passport " Bali.
It includes: a visit to the village where Tohpati produce handmade Batik ( Batik ) , then to the village of Mas which produces wood carving by hand for months ! What is the magnitude of these masterpieces ? There are in excess of human growth ... On the road and take a look at the Indonesian admire natural pearls , sea and river in jewelery or just by the piece . There are pink , blue, black, white, gold and even green ! Zayed and admire masterpieces by local jewelers who produce their own hands the miracle of gold and silver . Follow on Hindu temple in Butuan which refers to the village temple (Pura Desa). By lunchtime, get to the main point of this excursion , to an active volcano Batur (Batur) with three craters and Lake Batur ( Batur ) at its foot . In fact, Lake Batur and Mount Batur is located in an ancient giant crater has a diameter of approx. 10 km x 13 km . , It is the largest crater in Asia. Sitting in the restaurant you can enjoy fresh, clean air overlooking this magnificent spirit breathtaking tropical landscape . The second option is to go down right in this gigantic " cup" - an ancient crater , dinner at a local restaurant and a swimming pool with radon sources of hot and cool mineral water.
After all that fun you still waiting for another pleasure , visiting a tropical garden where you can see how tropical plants grow like traditional Balinese roasted coffee beans fried then pounded by hand in a wooden mortar . And not only that , you will be able to taste the taste of ! In addition to coffee , you can try the hot cocoa , mocha ( coffee with cocoa) , and even tea with ginger and other spices ! Along the way, you can buy the wishes of tropical fruits from local residents.

Bedugul Tour - full day (8 hours)
Way to keep the area called Mengwi (Mengwi) where you will be able to enhance their knowledge about the Hindu temples . Temple called Taman Ayun (Taman = Garden , Ayun = Beautiful , ie " Beautiful Garden "), it was built by Anak Agung Ngurah Temple in 1634 is designed to worship the god Vishnu (Wishnu). Then follow to the main point of this tour , Lake Bratan (Bratan) is located approx. 1,200 m above sea level , where you will spend lunch. Next , visit a Hindu temple Ulun Danu (Ulun Danu) which is located on the edge of the lake, he was lifted up in the 17th century . , And considered that the general church Satkahyangan Temple (Pura Satkahyangan). There is a belief that someone or obmyvshis in the holy water of the lake will be endowed with youth and longevity for years to come . Landscape is very unique because next door at the front gate proudly Buddhist temple ! On the way back to the traditional Zayed fruit and vegetable market where you can buy svezhevshie tropical fruits. On the way to the temple of Tanah Lot (Tanah Lot), the temple land and water where you can watch the spectacular Balinese sunset, you 'll stop by and visit the cunning curious monkeys in Alas

Kedaton (Alas Kedaton) - Monkey Forest .
Tour to Bedugul , Git Git , Singaraja and swimming with dolphins ! - Full day (8 hours)
Visit a local fruit and vegetable market where you can purchase products svezhevshie , then visit Bedugul area where there is a lake at the edge of Bratan which stands proudly Hindu temple Ulun Danu dated 17 . Dinner in a local restaurant overlooking the lake . Further along the road to Singaraja Git Git waterfall , on the road behind you will observe wild macaques . Under Singaraja you will have a great opportunity to swim with dolphins in a pool of sea water ! Recreation and celebration for the whole family.
Ubud Tour - Half day (5 - 6 hours)
This tour is for those who appreciate the art of Balinese and wants to review it to make room. In itself includes a visit to the village where Tohpati produce handmade Batik (Batik), then the path should be in the village Mas

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