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Beautiful places in Bali

Beautiful places in Bali

In this section I want to show you Bali with my own eyes and soul ... hoping Bali please you as well as he loved me ...

Luhur Uluwatu Temple - is a Hindu temple in the XI . it lifted the famous Javanese priest on a rock which rises 70 meters above the Indian Ocean ! Kind of awesome, I assure you. At this temple probably live most cunning monkeys on the island, and are freely placed in the temple and in the forest that surrounds it. Not far away is a mini - amphitheater where every show performances, dance " Kecak " which is delivered on the basis of the epic Ramayana . Dance is quite unique , because it is not accompanied by musical instruments like the rest, and the cries of men - dancers - who perform the role of monkeys.

Park Kultury Garuda Vishnu Kenchana ( GeVeKa ) - although it is not yet fully completed , but the enormity of his sculptures are simply amazing and freezes for a moment . This park is decorated in a very advantageous position, on the highest point on the southern tip of the island. From here on a clear day is perfectly visible almost the entire island , as seen on the palms and the port of Benoa and Ngurah Rai Airport . It is here that all the stars of the world show their concerts, huge open space surrounded by natural limestone manually carved columns that serve as excellent acoustics accommodates ok.10.000 viewers.

Beach Dream Land - few people know this place , it is hidden . This is a favorite spot for surfing professional surfers from around the world , from time to time , they gather here . However, swimming is not without danger . High waves and strong undercurrent plus danger to life.

Tanah Lot Temple - located on the west side of the island , is very unique - on the coral that looks at high tide as a separate island 100 meters from the island of Bali where the temple is located , but when the tide , then you can freely go to the foot of the temple. This place is the most popular place where you can watch the magnificent Balinese sunset. The temple is one of the most important temples of the island, was lifted in the XVII century . Too Javanese priest.

Taman Ayun Temple in Mengwi area - in line with its name, this beautiful temple he built and the importance of its roof are the richest in the number of multi- tiered roofs " pagodas " that Bali is called the Mayor . It is located in the garden " island " that washes the river from all sides. In terms of the temple ponds where there are perhaps the largest on the island of Lotuses and Lilies . This area - Mengwi - the Kingdom is to the end of the XIX century.

Bali Bird Park - do you know that it is the most beautiful in Southeast Asia ? Here you need to get here ! Here the birds are not only spacious cages sit , they can make the company you walk in the park ! If you just get an hour feeding then you can feed them directly with your hands. And not only that, you can pay a visit to the birds right in their giant cells ! Admire the birds of paradise , on the black swans on the pink flamingos on rainbow Ara - Macau on the gentle cockatoo proud to colored and white peacocks to owls, eagles , parrots , pelicans , herons , and many others. In general, a beauty!

Orchid garden - of course it is more modest than Singapore , but nevertheless, to those who have not seen how to grow orchids or fans of these beautiful parasites , this garden is worth a visit. Firstly it grow not only new varieties of orchids and wild but who were taken straight out of the jungle. Secondly, here you can buy a bunch of other that you can bring him home and he will be yet you stand and delight your eyes for 3 - 4 weeks.


Bali Zoo - it is very well maintained , it will be able to see what you actually Orangutans , beware ... do not get too close , not in the mood he can throw you a banana peel !

Monkey Forest Ubud - this is the forest I " love " for a moment you feel that you got somewhere to Indiana Jones and the guests ! Here monkeys most Ljubivoje world , but still they are wild animals , do not tease them for their own safety. There are several Hindu temples in the woods , like a fairy tale !

Ubud Kingdom - imagine you will be able to go straight into the kingdom of Balinese Raja ! Which is still very much respected in his district . The architecture is very unique and difficult . In the evenings, you can see the Balinese traditional dances .
Art galleries in Ubud - Ubud is the art center of Bali , that was born here , and continued painting in Balinese style , it is divided into four basic styles depending on the terrain , nowadays it is also replenished all the other styles as abstract , naturalism, and others.
On Balinese painting influenced the Europeans who came to the island in the early XX century , Voltaire is Spies and Rudolf Bonnet .
Galleries woodcarving in Mas village - it is here that you can see with your own eyes how these masterpieces in height 2 meters executed manually. The owners of these galleries are first-class carvers who were treated with a piece of wood on which they work as with her baby , very gently and carefully with great love he puts his "spirit" to him. So looking at these works , you can understand that this is art, not a craft as many write and speak . In such places, they keep their quality of work and when you do not cheat their customers , as is the case is transferred from generation to generation and is a family - even the bread of the whole village . Buy this item in the gallery , you know exactly what your acquired statue made ​​at exactly the type of wood that they told you , and not what else.
Gallery Batik products in villages Tohpati - Batik is painting on fabric with hot wax , then the fabric is dipped in a solution of paint which is painted all the fabric except those areas covered by wax. After which the wax is removed leaving behind a beautiful pattern . The fabric may be cotton , silk or Ryan . Work is not easy , Batik performed in several ways, fully manual machines as pens - Chanting , stamps and hand- only stamps or factory . Naturally the most valuable handmade batik is executed on silk. Just name any thing that is used in our everyday life , everything here is made from Batik , even pictures ! In these galleries , you can not only buy products from Batik as simple stores, but also to observe the process and even try to work themselves.
Galleries of silver and gold in the village Cheluk - should really be able to distinguish where fake and where natural silver or gold with the appropriate breakdown which stands on products . In good galleries you can see this manual work which you can only dream , and not just bodily decoration, but also for home decoration - table, walls and even accessories as a place for cigarettes , clip for banknotes , casket , ladies evening bag , strap etc. The stones used in these products or precious or semi precious including the popular Indonesian natural saltwater pearls . Here, you will also be able to watch the process of creativity.
Galleries stone carving village in Batubulan - there are a few stones that are used for carving, but the most popular is a volcanic porous stone and white (slightly yellow) socket stone. Some products are poured from a monolith - cement, sand and fittings . You'd be surprised at how much they are beautiful and cheap!

Kintamani Village where the volcano and Lake Batur , radon hot springs where you can dive , the temple dedicated to the goddess of the lake. One nature and spilled already hardened lava freezes , let alone when you go down to the car in the old crater in approx. 10 km x 13 km as scientists suggest that resulted from the explosion of a giant volcano 30,000 - 40,000 years ago, where he stayed " volcanoes " with a height of 1717 m , with three new craters on it and spilled near the lake with a size of approx . 9 km X 3 km away .... there is even a breath catches . Going down to the old " cup" crater on the road you will see how people live and grow all sorts of vegetables on black soil , which is characteristic for the volcanic soil of places in Indonesia. As you descend into the " cup", you will feel " on the moon " as both sides will be a lot of big rocks scattered extinct lava that once this giant volcano " spat " with yourself. Beyond the lake live Balinese original tribe - " Bali Agy ," they still quite isolated, they can be reached either by boat across the lake or through the mountains on the road and then walk . Batur volcano can even organize a campaign , the campaign begins at 4 am to catch at the top to meet the dawn, the view is awesome , I even saw the volcano Rinjani from the neighboring island of Lombok ! And imagine, even here there macaque monkeys who will you beg your breakfast !
Bedugul Village - Balinese strawberries are grown here , and many other European vegetables are distributed throughout the island , in all markets , grocery departments in supermarkets, on hotels and restaurants. There is a popular lake - Bro, due to the fact that right in it and around it stand proudly 2 temples , Hindu and Buddhist dated XVII. There is a belief , or who obmyvshiysya it is a young , beautiful and healthy for years to come because water of this lake is considered holy .
Git Git Waterfall - on the road from Bedugul to the old capital of Singaraja is located in the north of the island you 'll pass Git Git waterfall , of course it is not Niagara , but nevertheless , even at this Bali island as there are natural - natural waterfall and not only one . Like almost everywhere in Bali, all in green , forest in a circle and all small animals and insects emit any sounds on everywhere , funny and curious. Wild monkeys and even here you can meet ! Around the indescribable beauty ! He double , and there is a legend about him ... Swimmers in a mountain stream near the waterfall sin to miss this place .
Tirtaganga - holy water of the Ganges , considered as a water palace . Was built in 1947-8 years. last Raja Amlapura . Was destroyed several times , in 1963 - the volcanic eruption in 1979 - the land quakes . Due to the painstaking and careful work that spent to preserve this monument of architecture and history , and even now we can enjoy it. Several ponds and fountains are very nicely decorated with comfortable garden paths peschey walks where you can stroll , a dip in the pool, and even dine in a restaurant located directly in the garden. Around this garden awaits you beautiful panorama of rice terraces from which it is difficult to tear your eyes!
Jimbaran - everyone knows this place due to its popularity in the cooking grill of fresh caught sea food on a coconut shell . There was once a simple fishing village where people come for sea products , some asked for wives of fishermen prepared grill them on the spot - on the beach, in the future, this cove has evolved as a dinner spot of sea food grill that has grown into a long row of beach cafe at which tables are right on the sand a few steps from the Indian Ocean! Admiring the sunset you can taste a peerless dinner grilled sea products under the group of local musicians that you will try to sing Russian songs .
Kuta - is the most lively beach in the south- western part. In the 17th century . this coast was a place of the slave trade , nowadays it has become a public beach where people can walk, sit and talk , sunbathing, swimming , surfing and skating . It was here that the first hotel was lifted in Bali in 1936, the American couple, Bob and Louise Kok . Kuta is now the center of the young and young - stuffy tourists , which housed not Meren number type shops boutiques, shops , restaurants, hotels from modest to " back- Pecker " to chic bars and discos. Every year, this resort is growing and now includes Tuban , Legian and Seminyak . Airport " Ngurah Rai " where planes land from around the world , too, is located in Tuban .
Nusa Dua - elite and peaceful resting place , which housed the first class hotels , most of which belong to the world famous brand hotels like Grand Hyatt, Melia Bali, Westin, The Laguna, Novotel, Club Med and many others. All of these hotels are located along the coast, well maintained park that connects all the hotels good roads and comfortable footpath , where murmuring fountains and tropical plants grow . At the
center of the park is "Bali Collection" which is the nearest place for an evening stroll , where you can dine and dinner , food and things to buy at the supermarket. From each hotel to the center of the walking bus at certain hours so evening without charge .

Sanur - if you want to see a piece of " original Bali beach " this place is worth a visit. It is here that the beach lovers , foreigners residing in Bali live . Stroll along the promenade or ride a bike, swim , sunbathe , sit in a local bar sipping local beer while watching the ocean without boundary ...

Batukaru temple - this is a very unique place , to the temple you need to get after passing the narrow village streets that run between the hills on which there are stunning rice terraces ! Kind words can not describe ... and the temple itself is a kind of " hidden " in the woods! far from civilization , stands proudly at the foot of the mountain Batukaru like a fairy tale !
Besakih Temple - Besakih is the mother temple in Bali, it is located in the village of Besakih in the village of Rendang , at the foot of the highest volcano in Bali - Agung . 1000 meters above sea level. This is a grand complex of Hindu temples. Because of its high level of being here is almost always overcast and there are even a couple of brief rain showers temporary . The air is cool - refreshing mountain .
Bali Butterfly Park - here you will see not only butterflies , but also , and insects and abundant greenery around you! As a gift , you can also purchase butterflies within !
Gunung Kawi Temple Sybatu - one of the most beautiful temples in Bali. Everywhere pools with babbling fountains , which grow Lotuses and Lilies, and leisurely swim goldfish Koi . Quiet and comfortable .
Tirta Empul Temple - is one of the most charming churches among those who are in the area. If we translate , "Holy Spring" . The temple was built in the 10th century . , During the management of Raja Chandra Bayangsinga Varmadeva dynasty . When the temple is a large pool in which the Balinese bathe - sanctified . About this temple has an interesting legend!
Temple lavas Goa - Goa lavas Temple - located in Klungkung area , about 50 km from Denpasar, right at the foot of the hills that stretch near the Besakih Temple . Behind this temple is a cave where bats live , the entire ceiling of the cave plastered them! About this cave there is an interesting legend . Before the temple across the road pitch their beach with black sand ! Ocean with violent waves where a plaque there that swim life threatening, but nonetheless many people do not come in and held him at least pomochit legs to cool after a hot day , there are common showers and toilets for not much cost.

Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest - a forest sacred monkeys, located in Tabanan area , 170 meters above sea level . It occupies an area of only 12 hectares , there are hundreds of monkeys , and not only them , but also dogs and bats ! By the middle of the forest is mysterious Hindu temple Dahlem Kahyangan Kedaton he old , suggest that he was already 2,000 years old.
Monkey Forest Sangeh - located in the village Sangeh , covers an area of ​​14 hectares , which is a tree-lined Pala ( nutmeg ) , or anywhere else in Bali, you will not find such a variety of trees , there is an interesting legend about it . It lies a Hindu temple Bukit Sari, very grand entrance on both sides walking paths grow tall nutmeg trees , and you will be around for the curious and mysterious watch macaques .

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