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Bali in General

On the island of Bali

Bali, one of the islands of the Indonesian archipelago, located in the southern hemisphere between the island of Java and Lombok. Singapore 2.5 hour flight. Its area is about 5,632 sq km, 90 km. from north to south and 140 km . from west to east, so you can visit any point on this island and return on the same day ! Bali has tropical forests, mountains , active volcanoes , lakes formed in the crater of a former volcano , mountain rivers, towering cliffs , rice terraces , orchards , south- western and southern part of the island long white beaches of fine sand, in the south- eastern part of part of the coast of the island is covered with white sand , too, and the other part is planted with mangroves due to what the island can keep your beach from strong waves at high tide. In other parts of the island beaches covered with fine gray or black volcanic sand .

Denpasar , the capital of Bali Province ( Indonesia has 33 provinces ) which is considered the business and administrative center located on the southern part of the island , where the densest population on the island. The most popular recreation areas are in the southern part of the island , is the coast of Nusa Dua is located in the extreme south (including Benoa ) , the coast of Sanur is located on the east coast and the west of Kuta . How do they differ from each other?
Nusa Dua is a first class resort area where the most luxury hotels with a grand territory along the long beach of fine white sand. The landscape of this area pleases the eye, he just buried in a well manicured tropical gardens and parks with babbling fountains, with comfortable walking paths.
Sanur is the coastline that local authorities pretty well preserved from the rapid growth of new buildings . Beach moderately calm. In this area there are a sufficient number of luxury hotels to modest . Along the coast road and a decent selection of restaurants, bars and souvenir shops .
Kuta is the most lively and popular area between the coast and the local tourists and tourists from Australia. There is a huge number of hotels at every taste and budget. This is a great place to surf for beginners and experienced . Here you can find a place where good lunch or dinner , for the evening, and dance.
Ubud, although it is located in the mountains and has no beach, but he was not inferior to his popular " rivals " This resort is located on the southern coast . Ubud is the center of the painting and the arts of Bali, which has a very rich history that is simply not possible to miss with its list of "mandatory places to visit ." Here, in contrast to the coast , the air is much fresher , but the sun is still there and warm . The hotels are located in a very scenic spots on the mountain slopes , along the river, overlooking the popular Balinese rice terraces . Beauty is not probable , for complete relaxation even worth staying here for a couple of nights.

The climate is tropical , there are two seasons : the dry (April to September) and wet ( October to March ) . In the dry season, the sun is pretty strong , so be sure to apply sun protection lotion or cream for half an hour before leaving the premises with the highest figure SPF ( I recommend to do it even in cloudy weather as the sun is quite strong) and advise you to wear light cap . Please pay attention to this advice , many " fired ." Wet season in the Indonesian language is called the rainy season , but you can not worry because the rain falls every day and mostly at night. Humidity in this season more than the increased dry season. Air temperature : 20 ° C - 35 ° C, depending on the area , for example in the mountains you may even need a light sweater . Water temperature in the ocean : 26 ° C - 29 ° C, this temperature allows tourists to swim in the ocean all year round.
Now per day , there are about 3.5 million people living in Bali. Of which are a big part of the Balinese themselves then the Javanese and other Indonesian nation - then - the Chinese , Australians, Germans, Dutch , Americans, Japanese , New Zealanders and others.

Official and the official language is " Bahasa Indonesia » - Bahasa Indonesia - which has one root with the Malaysian language, and cultural amenities is Balinese who very complex unlike Indonesian because it has a number of divisions according to who to contact !

Basically Hinduism - then (also there ) - Christianity, Islam , Buddhism and belief in God. The Balinese religion , tradition and everyday life is intertwined in harmony, their whole life Tribute religion. Each Balinese family has its own church in the yard , they even start building a house with construction of the temple , and after all the living space ! They believe that the spirits of their ancestors live in these temples in connection with this Balinese very difficult to leave their homes , they rarely change their place of residence especially outside Bali.
Do not limit yourself to choosing clothes because at the present time in front of the temple provided Sarongs that you can rent for no significant amount of money which is used for the care of the temple and wear while visiting the temple. Since Hinduism can not show her bare thighs especially going into a holy temple in this connection, even a legend ! Tip: Wear light cotton clothing and footwear such as open flat sandals or sandals , sun protection cream and widely hollow hat on a sunny day.
Traditions and customs
Basically Indonesians on the one hand very temperamental , but on the other hand is very patient . Balinese differ patience , humility , love of peace , courtesy and affability . It is not made any move or touch on his head , is considered not very politely can even take an insult. For foreign visitors , they ( mostly children ) like to be treated as : "Hallo mister!" - " Dear Sir, " - not looking at the floor . No offense, they show it their hospitality and curiosity to talk to you , and one is even when they touch your hands or shoulders, here it is accepted and is one of the methods of communication even between same-sex people.

The time difference from Russia - summer - 4 hours , and in the winter - 5:00 . Balinese outstrips Russian . Balinese time is the time GMT + 8 hours.

helpful information
Arriving in Indonesia must have a passport valid for not less than 6 months from the date of arrival and a return ticket . Visa can be issued at the Indonesian Embassy in the Russian Federation at the address: Moscow, ul. Novokuznetsk , 12. Metro: " Novokuznetsk " and " Tretyakov ." Tel: 495 - 951 95 49 495 - 951 95 50 . Reception days : Mon - Thu 09:00 - 17:00 , Fri 09:00 - 17:30 Break 13:00 - 14:00 . Or upon arrival at the airport in Bali , 7 day visa costs 10  USD . and 30 days worth of 25 USD .
Coming to Indonesia allowed to bring 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 100 grams of tobacco , 1 liter of spirits , perfumes in a reasonable amount of gifts worth up to $ 250 for 1 person or up to U.S. $ 1,000 per family , an unlimited amount of foreign currency ( take out , too) . But the import and export of local currency ( Rupiah «Rupiah») is limited to 50,000 Rupees ( declared) .
Prohibits the importation of weapons, drugs and pornographic materials . Banned the export of antiques , rare plants and animals , even stuffed like a turtle shell and some species of giant seashells. In addition to property damage ( for that charge a large fee ) , you will not move the little hassle and " nerve bashing " and the purchase will be at the airport / port in Indonesia .
Not long ago, the new international rules in your hand luggage is allowed to take no more than 1000 ml. liquid which may consist of packaging is not more than 100 ml each and adhesive packaged in a closed package itself . Including creams, gels, lotions, perfumes , etc. In order to avoid confiscation , put them in your luggage . But if along the way you have any transit country and the airport you have purchased a package consisting of a liquid , do not worry , you will be given self adhesive bag and check in which you miss the plane without any problems .
Upon arrival in Indonesia, you will be asked to fill in an immigration card , which you must save and return at departure . For departures, the airport tax is charged at the rate of 150,000 rupees per passenger landing on international flights , and 15,000 - 30,000 rupees per passenger landing on domestic flights.
Leaving Bali desirable to carry health insurance.
If you want to bring American dollars , it is desirable to bring only 100 dollar bills (and a few small bills for tips on the dollar for the first day of arrival for the movers at the airport and in the hotel) , the latest release ( with 2003 and newer) , new - not crumpled , unprinted and dies, and the whole is not jammed . Old bills (up to 2003) , especially in 1996 and a series of "CB" are almost never any who takes me , it is very difficult to change and is not favorable for you rate due to the huge number of false once imported to Indonesia . With the exchange of the euro has no problem.
Not avoid the facilities before leaving for Bali , notify your bank , that he would not block your card for transactions in Southeast Asia , including Bali. Many Russian banks automatically block the credit card used in the region in order to avoid theft of your money with it (as they are - the banks - believe that it is in this region a lot of money going with theft of credit cards, which thank God we do not have ) . If in case you need to transfer funds from your country to Bali , you can do it freely through "Western Union".
Almost everywhere safely bathe the more hotels on the beaches , coral reefs reliably protect from marine predators . Do not swim beyond the fence is in the form of colored balls.
Only need to pay attention to the ebb and flow , not well informed tourists put off by this phenomenon. In fact, a naturally occurring phenomenon that occurs off all ocean resorts. Tides is due to the attraction of the moon. On schedule ebbs and flows , you can look online

Most shops operate from 09.00 to 21.00 daily .
In duty free shops (Duty Free Shop) all imported goods bought by you , you will be issued by check issued by them at the airport at the time of planting your home on the 2nd floor of the International Airport , and all the local products you can freely take to the hotel . Such rules do not prevent legitimate trade on the island without duties goods because all imported goods are taxed in accordance with local regulations . Do not worry , all the goods you bought certainly will give you at the airport as you will be asked to indicate your passport number, flight departure date and the time of purchase ( but you need to know the passport and flight at the time of purchase ) .
Product Manual as: Batik - painting on fabric , wood carvings of any species , the original Balinese Balinese artists paintings , gold - silver - pearl and other precious stones suggested purchase reliable shop-gallery - workshop which guarantees the originality of its products and give a certificate for every thing. Do not buy things with it! Surely it would be a fake. Anyone who does not know about this subtlety buy the cheapest wood carving with hand or benches - for example , thinking about the great deal they made
​​, but coming home to find a crack in his statues to write in the tourist forums and talk about the poor quality of Balinese statues of wood , not realizing that what they bought mass production , the one who is doing the correct process does not comply fully dry wood before him that or cut .
In Bali, you can pamper yourself from the soul, it is a paradise for gourmets ( any kitchen , not even long ago discovered the first Russian restaurant "Slav" ) , fans and Thalasso Spa salons therapeutic spa centers , diving , snorkeling , yoga , swimming, hiking in the mountains - Forests , climbing , rafting, surfing , cruises, fishing, water sports , flying a helicopter , quad biking , elephants and even camels, studying Hinduism, Hindu temples , relaxation and enjoying the blue sky high !

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